Lola Tulip - CEO The Harmonist, Los Angeles

Thank you for the amazing yoga light you shared with me during my stay in Ibiza. I enjoyed it very much and for sure I am going to miss it!

Mark Owen - Take That Singer & Songwriter

Thank you so much for looking after us on Ibiza. Thank you for sharing your yoga practice and helping us bend like bamboo.  We hope to see you soon!.

Michela Bernaccra - Business Owner & Ibiza Resident

I'm 46 years old woman and have been practicing yoga for 16 years in 4 different countries. I met a number of yoga instructors but few have been as professional, kind and passionate as Andrea. She leads you smoothly into each position with clear and simple instructions. She motivates you without pushing too much. With Andrea you feel you have progressed after each class and you look forward to the next one. Thank you Andrea for making yoga accessible, easy and enjoyable!

Anne Wanders - Writer

Andrea is a calm and inspiring presence in the studio. She hits the fine balance between respectful discipline for the practice and a warm sense of humour to help a beginner like me embrace the movement, gently pushing forward but never too far. I really enjoyed the pace of her class. It was a good flow for the advanced people but never too fast, so it was easy to follow even for me. Andrea was great in her empathy, always making sure she stood where we could all see her. She paid equal attention to everyone, and made me feel so welcome. I left the class feeling immensly energised but very relaxed at the same time. Thank you for a magical yoga experience!

Ali Griffith - Retreat Guest

Thank you for the amazing yoga week and all your effort! I'm so pleased our paths met, you are a special twinkly star.

Alexandra Marcus - Designer

I came to Andrea's class as a complete beginner. That day, I had a stiff/blocked neck, not being able to turn in one direction. Andrea took great care to constantly remind me to check in with my body and really listen to which movements or poses may be uncomfortable. In addition, she frequently pointed out how I could adjust my head/neck/shoulder posture, before going into a more advanced pose for the experienced participants of the class. During the yoga practice and through the final breathing excercise I could feel some gentle unblocking of my spine. I felt really safe getting some movement back into my neck, at my own pace and trusting my instincts. I will make this my personal rehab whenever I get to Ibiza. Thank you!

Zoe Hoffman-Mills - Ibiza Resident

That was a seriously great class. I love the style of yoga you teach!! Thank you.

Christina Fassbender - La Granja Hotel Guest

My husband and I have never practiced yoga before but after your private classes at La Granja we too fell in love with it, and we hope to keep it up in Germany. Thank you for making yoga so accessible and so much fun for us.

Mar Torres - Photographer

Although Andrea is one of the most prepared and dedicated yoga teachers on the island, now I’d like to comment on her exquisite massages, which are absolutely addictive. Her traditional thai yoga massage is so relaxing that a bomb can explode next to you, and you wouldn’t even blink your eyes open. Relaxing but still extraordinarily therapeutic and healing. Her acupressure technique is perfectly balanced between intense and delicious.

Jamie Tureck - Graphic Designer

Andrea has mastered the magical balance of a profoundly healing massage that releases painful tension whilst still being beautifully relaxing. This is the first time I have found someone who so wonderfully manages to combine a physically therapeutic massage with deep relaxation.