My bespoke retreats are curated for clients who require comprehensive privacy and exclusivity.

It is the ultimate wellbeing experience for couples, friends and families (or just yourself, of course).
An intimate and exclusive retreat in the privacy of your own villa, tailored to suit your needs and requirements.
Spending precious time with yourself and the people closest to you on a deeply invigorating level.


Move your body, move your mind.

This is the yoga practice to meet your personal goals - physically and mentally. Whether you want to get fit, toned and flexible, or long to quiet your mind and let go of habitual thought patterns. Together we will discover strengths and depths within you that you never knew existed.


Discover Ibiza's healing energy.

With my hand-picked selection of professional therapists we will complement rest, yoga and food with an individual treatment plan just for you.


The most nourishing detox cuisine for body, mind and soul.

Passionately prepared by a private chef and tailored to suit your requirements - vegan, ayurvedic or paleo. Sugarfree and glutenfree. Always organic, seasonal and locally sourced.

Ibiza detox retreat


Prices vary according to your requirements. We can design your holiday as big or as small as you wish. From only a handful of yoga classes to the full package with your own private chef, detox program, treatments, excursions and adventures. Ibiza is pretty limitless.

However, sometimes less is more...

Ibiza private yoga retreat
Ibiza private yoga retreat
Ibiza private yoga retreat