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When I landed on this beautiful island for my self-prescribed burnout recovery, the guided walking tours with Toby from Walking Ibiza made me hopelessly fall in love with the Ibizan lifestyle.

Walking through the magnificent countryside, past historic sites, picking fruit and wild herbs, and all that in great company with the most charming Ibiza residents full of character. I felt at home.

What a different world to my London life this was... 

Ibiza is often confused with being a party island. But of course there is the complete opposite side as well: Health, wellness and a connection to nature.

Everyone at Walking Ibiza is passionate about the REAL Ibiza and strives to show you the beauty that this iconic island holds. What better way to experience her treasures and natural beauty than from walking with your own feet.

Ibiza hiking 

The story behind Walking Ibiza

Being born on Ibiza meant that Toby quite possibly had the best childhood ever. At the age of 10 he was taken to England kicking and screaming after his parents split up and he was put into a so called ‘normal school’ which was hard to adjust to after the hippie Morna Valley school in Ibiza.

Life went on, and before he knew it, Toby was on the hamster wheel of city living. He had the job, the car and the house with all the trimmings. Then he met his wife Belinda and became a stepdad to two lovely daughters. Life was perfect except for one thing: Belinda and Toby both had the vision to live abroad, and after their daughters had flown the nest, they headed to Latin America travelling for what was supposed to be the beginning of a two year trip.

However, it got cut dramatically short after one year. Perched high on top of a sacred mountain they shared a similar vision - that they needed to come back to Ibiza and set up home.

And so they did...

The family settled nicely, including their dog Cosmo. On their walks together Toby started to see more of the Ibiza that he knew as a child, and one day he had the crazy idea to walk around the entire island with just €1in his pocket - and see what Ibiza had to offer.

A week later he set off with a tent, a sleeping bag and enough food and water for one day. As the days passed Toby encountered a barrage of generosity and adventure.

This was the trip that would change his life.

Having those 12 days without gadgets and distractions and just being fully immersed in nature threw a new perspective on his life. After returning from his life-changing experience he wanted to share this magical side of Ibiza with others, and it was from there that Walking Ibiza was born.

Ibiza hiking 

Walking Ibiza has grown from this single, crazy idea into an incredible family business that provides island lovers with a totally different experience of Ibiza. Hiking around the magnificent Ibiza countryside was the original idea of this lovely family venture, but by now it has grown into:

  • Beautiful Ibiza kayaking tours
  • Exciting mountain biking trips on Ibiza
  • Ibiza corporate and team building events
  • Walking on Formentera & Menorca
  • Around the island walks on Ibiza, Formentera and Menorca
  • The 4 day hiking challenge
Ibiza hiking 

To this day I still join their weekly walking adventures whenever I find the time. It's the best way to not only explore the hidden treasures of Ibiza, but also to make new connections. Some of the people I have met along the way turned into close friendships, others into business ventures. 

So if you feel like doing a little more than just sunbathing and sipping cocktails on the beach, then put your trainers on and get connected with this friendly bunch of people.

Every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday Walking Ibiza organises community hikes to different locations. Some walks are short & sweet, others are adventurous and good workout.

Visit walkingibiza.com for further info, and make sure to check out their facebook page for latest updates.

    Get exploring!

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