Yoga and meditation Ibiza SUP
To a mind that is still, the whole Universe surrenders
— Lao-Tzu


There seem to be three things that get me out of my head and into flowstate. You know, that transformative condition where body and mind are in the same place, at the same time. Where the overactive brain takes a step back and you’re just present in this very moment.

For me it is teaching yoga, horse riding and SUP - Stand Up Paddle.

Pure Ocean Therapy.

Yesterday morning we went out again on the boards with Luke and Sarah from Paddle Ibiza. I love these guys. Every time it's a complete mind reset. Being out on the open sea with just a board and a paddle feels incredibly grounding.

Powerful and instantly soothing.

It has a primal feel to it too - raw and wild. Which is exactly what we need, right? To get out of our head and reconnect to our wilderness. That magical place within which allows us to set new neural pathways. Where creativity is born and healing takes place.

Yoga and meditation Ibiza SUP

But I’m drifting off, back to Sarah and Luke and their shiny new boards. First time I did a SUP was for a friend’s birthday. We went out for sunset at Benirras beach and I was instantly hooked. Unbelievably beautiful. So calm and free. I felt like I’m on holiday (believe it or not, living on Ibiza is actually not a holiday). But that evening on the water was a much needed reset. Even the day after my head was clearer, my mind calmer and my breath deeper.

I wasn’t the only one who thought this is pure magic, so we organised another SUP session. This time for sunrise, 6am meet at Cala Llenya beach. Yes, even for me it was early crawling out of bed and getting in the car at 5am, I had my doubts whether I really needed to do this. As it turned out, I very much needed to do this, very much. Sunrise SUP was special and one of my highlights this year.

I thought sunset was breathtaking, and of course it was. But sunrise was… I don’t even know how to describe it.

It cut right through me.

We were out on our boards, happily chatting and paddling along towards where the sun would soon begin to rise. Suddenly we could see the first sunrays starting to emerge like out of nowhere from the sea, and we all fell completely silent. As the fiery sun slowly kept rising tears got into my eyes. I had no idea where this was coming from, completely unexpected.

Yoga and meditation Ibiza SUP

Yeah, I guess I'm a sensitive soul... But watching sunrise like this was deeply touching. The appreciation of this absolute miracle that we take for granted every day. The blindness and ignorance we walk around with, stuck in our heads and our thoughts that make us believe we’re limited and keep us small.

It is so important to do activities that reconnect us, that make us see and feel the bigger picture.

Flowstate keeps body and mind healthy, strong and sane.

I call it plugging into the mains - getting your batteries charged up.

I'm rather addicted to SUP now and try to make it a weekly thing, even in the winter. Sometimes the sea is stormy and keeps you on your toes, sometimes it's completely flat and it's like gliding over velvet. I adore it either way.

Give Sarah and Luke a call and get yourself on a board with Paddle Ibiza. Don’t even think about it, just do it. You can thank me later :) 

Yoga and meditation Ibiza SUP