Sluiz concept store Ibiza

Oh Sluiz, where do I even begin?

I’m lost for words when it comes to my favourite concept store. It’s bold, it’s bright and it’s big. As soon as you enter you get into a magical, stylish world of colourful surroundings and beautiful objects.

You know, cool stuff. This and that and everything. It can feel a little overwhelming at first, like being a kid again stepping into a delightful sweet shop. But how rare and how good is that feeling!

A sensory overload in the best possible way.


Sluiz Ibiza concept store
Sluiz Ibiza concept store

As you drive up towards Santa Gertrudis (or past Santa Gertrudis if you're coming from the north) you’ll see those giant blue and white cow statues from the main road.

Turn into the parking area and leave your car next to the sign that suits you best, anywhere from "Only Big Breasts" to "Only Mental Disorders".

No wait, don’t park there, this is my spot.

Sluiz Ibiza concept store

Fairytale shopping...

If Alice in Wonderland would open a store I imagine it to be exactly like this. Colourful, crazy and cool. I'd be amazed if you were to walk out empty handed as Sluiz has it all.

First you'll see their wonderful selection of home decor and accessories, from striking cushions and lamps and vivid tableware to fascinating toilet brushes. Told you, they have it all.

Then comes kitchenware and a beautiful variety of teas, olive oils, wine etc. Perfect if you need a unique present for a dinner thing.

After that you get into the massive area of clothes and jewellery. Their range of mens- and womenswear is just as skillfully selected as everything else. We’re talking cool London & Scandinavian style with a colourful mix of Ibiza spirit. Oh that Missoni dress I saw yesterday...!

Sluiz Ibiza concept store

As you walk towards the back you'll find an enchanting café/restaurant in the patio. Very useful if you need to crash after indulging your senses (and your purse) a little too much. The café is famous for their hamburgers, delicious salads, tapas, coffee and cakes. 

Sluiz Ibiza concept store

Sluiz is one of a kind.

Wander about, get lost and find something special and magical. I could spend hours in there (perfect on a rainy day), picking up this and admiring that.

It’s places like Sluiz that make me love the island even more.

Wonderful. Crazy.

Visit for more info.

Sluiz Ibiza concept store
Sluiz Ibiza concept store