Private Yoga Ibiza

When you hear Ibiza what's the first thing that comes to mind? Yes I know, most of us are well aware of Ibiza's reputation as a notorious party island: hedonism, worldclass music, champagne, cocktails, and let's be honest - drugs. Anyone wishing to escape reality finds a way, and might never come back.

Well, there is that of course. But let me tell you there is a HUGE community on this island representing the exact opposite. Especially in the rural north of the island people are embracing a deeply wholesome and utterly nourishing kind of life.

Private Yoga Ibiza

This is where you'll also find most holidaymakers looking for a different kind of reality escape. With its breathtaking landscapes, rich cultural history and often terrible wifi service, many stressed-out city boys & girls now come to Ibiza in search of wellbeing, healing, reconnecting to nature and reconnecting to oneself. Disconnect to reconnect - so to speak.

A complete physical and mental detox.

Once you dig a little deeper and do some research you will quickly realise that the amount of yoga and detox retreats here in Ibiza is quite overwhelming, from cheap and cheerful to the utmost luxurious. From deeply spiritual to intense bootcamp style.

Whatever your needs, you'll find what you're looking for. And I can honestly say that with any retreat I have worked with they were truly amazing.

However sometimes a retreat structure doesn't feel quite right, whatever your budget. I know for myself that I need my freedom, especially when I long to reconnect to myself. A retreat setting can make me feel a little claustrophobic. I am very picky with the kind of yoga I need, the people I surround myself with, and the food my body requires for optimal nourishment.

So this is why I exclusively teach private yoga classes in Ibiza.

For my clients it feels like the most unique retreat experience ever. Individual and tailored to suit your requirements. Whether you just want a few yoga sessions in the morning, and still party at night (all about balance, I get it :) or you're after a deep and comprehensive wellbeing program.

Whether you are completely new to the concept of yoga and just want a little taster, or have practised for years and would like to deepen your practice.

My aim is to give you an exceptional, therapeutic yoga experience - the ultimate blend of strength and flexibility.

Challenging and uplifting. 

15 years of daily practice with various yoga schools worldwide gave me the tools to craft a unique sequence of postures. Blending traditional Hatha Yoga and the demanding Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary series. Aligning movement and breath. Turning static asanas into a dynamic flow.

Together we will create space - physically and mentally. Space for opportunities. Space to grow.

Private Yoga Ibiza

Recently I have started to incorporate a lot more breathwork into my own yoga practice and the results have been - well, breathtaking. Literally.

And if you'd like to go even deeper than that I will share my experiences and my practice of Vipassana meditation with you. To relax your body and your mind I offer the most healing traditional Thai Yoga Massage

Any of these incredible tools - yoga, meditation, breath and massage - I'd love to share with you and your family/friends on your Ibiza vacation.

Together we'll laugh, sweat, play and be silent.

Private Yoga Ibiza

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Private Yoga Ibiza