Picadeli Ibiza healthy take away

Delicious Take-Away for Food Lovers

Short in time? Too lazy to cook?

Then let me introduce you to Picadeli in Santa Gertrudis. 

I love this delightful deli at anytime, from morning to evening. But Picadeli becomes particularly useful in high-summer, when my kitchen is unbearably hot (charming 200 year old finca without aircon) and it’s impossible to even slice a cucumber without melting away.

In July and August there simply is no home cooking, not until it gets dark anyway. But thankfully there is this wonderful little cafe and take-away in the heart of our island.

Picadeli reminds me a little of Ottolenghi in London. If you have ever eaten there you know what I mean. Of course Picadeli is much smaller, local and independent, but the standard is just as high.

Picadeli Ibiza healthy take away


The food is freshly prepared on the day. With flavour, imagination and love. Ready for you to take away.

Using only the finest quality ingredients - local and organic where possible - anything you put into your take away box is a tasty, colourful affair.

Along with crunchy salads, veggies, glutenfree grains and meat dishes you will find irresistible cakes and sweet stuff. Cold pressed juices, coffee, organic wines, pesto, hummus, breads and more. It's perfect for lunches, dinners, picnics on the beach, boat trips and private jets (it’s Ibiza you know).

Zero fuss. Maximum pleasure. 

Picadeli Ibiza healthy take away

The Shop

They are serious food lovers at Picadeli and support local producers and creative foodie entrepreneurs, resulting in a selected range of products from the best small-scale and independent suppliers.

Perfect if you need an original present from Ibiza, made with love and passion. From organic homemade chocolate truffles to biodynamic wines.

Picadeli Ibiza healthy take away
Picadeli Ibiza healthy take away

Catering Service

For special requests, or if you’re planning on a big feast, do give the cafe a call beforehand so they can plan ahead and provide.

Picadeli offers an outstanding catering service for events all over Ibiza. Whether it’s a wedding, a small family affair, a wild party or a chic dinner. They have a team of dedicated, imaginative chefs creating an elegant feast for you and your guests.

Picadeli Ibiza healthy take away


Picadeli is in the heart of Santa Gertrudis, just by the main road. Opposite the pharmacia and next to the charming papeleria.


Montag to Friday 8.30 - 20.00
Saturday 10.00 - 20.00

Sunday sadly closed, but I hope that might change in the near future. I shall keep you updated.

Foodie Love from Ibiza!

Visit Picadeli's website for further info.

Picadeli Ibiza healthy take away
Picadeli Ibiza healthy take away
Picadeli Ibiza healthy take away