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La Granja Ibiza's coolest boutique hotel

If there’s one place in Ibiza that combines everything that I love, then it’s La Granja. It’s arty and almost achingly cool. It’s raw but luxurious. It’s cultural, authentic and heavenly unpretentious.

More than just an organic farm offering accommodation, La Granja is a feeling.

If you get the vibe and this is your style, then staying here is like being at a friend’s grand and welcoming finca.

La Granja Ibiza's coolest boutique hotel
La Granja Ibiza's coolest boutique hotel
La Granja Ibiza's coolest boutique hotel

The 200 year old farmhouse and former private residence has been transformed into an intimate, beautifully discreet boutique hotel that feels miles away from the hustle and bustle of Ibiza as many know it.

In fact, it feels miles away from anything. Entering through the private gates is like stepping into a different time zone. It’s hard to describe but you’ll understand what I mean as soon as you arrive.

It’s like being in an avant-garde fairytale for grownups. Or an innovative utopia surrounded by like-minded people.

And lucky lucky me, this is the magical bubble where I have the pleasure to teach yoga.

Wholesome well-being is part of La Granja’s concept: movement and meditation, divine massages, sound baths, hiking, cycling and so much more - you will find plenty of opportunities to recharge your batteries. Not to mention lazy days spent by the pool or exploring the surrounding farmland. Yes, you are a human BEING, not a human DOING.


As part of the Design Hotels group, a network of independently owned hotels around the globe, you can expect private-retreat vibes and an utterly stylish ambience.

Minimalist elegance is the guiding principle at La Granja. Dark burnt wood, distressed wooden furniture, and fifty shades of grey, slate and stone dominate the hotel’s rustic design features.

La Granja Ibiza's coolest boutique hotel
La Granja Ibiza's coolest boutique hotel
La Granja Ibiza's coolest boutique hotel

Pared-down yet luxurious.

The interior extents seamlessly to the outside area with an elegant infinity pool overlooking the sprawling estate and acres of terraced farmland.

La Granja Ibiza's coolest boutique hotel

As this is a traditional Spanish finca you’ll be surrounded by thick walls and tiny windows that, hundreds of years ago, helped to keep the house cool in the baking summer heat. Authenticity meets modern elegance.

Decorated in sleek charcoal, with concrete floors and minimalist decor, the rustic vibe of the estate enhances each and every corner. It’s like walking through a Dutch still life painting, beautifully soothing…

La Granja Ibiza the coolest boutique hotel
La Granja Ibiza's coolest boutique hotel


The farm features nine bedrooms of different sizes, as well as a separate, two bedroom guesthouse. Most of the suites have a separate living area, as well as a private terrace and/or garden.

If you’re on a budget book the smallest room which doesn’t have a living room and no private outside space, but who cares with so much abundant land around you.

The master suites feel incredibly spacious, offering complete privacy with their two-level terraces and an unbelievable panoramic view of the island. Definitely worth getting up early and watching the deep orange sun rise over the hills. It’s mesmerizing…

Food glorious food!

La Granja Ibiza the coolest boutique hotel

As a pioneering agroturismo La Granja is at the forefront when it comes to smart and sustainable farming, with a huge variety of organic fruits and vegetables growing on the surrounding farmland.

José Catriman is the hotel’s kitchen master who works in close collaboration with Andy Szymanowicz, an expert of biodynamic agriculture. Together they create imaginative farm-to-table menus that will ignite fireworks for your tastebuds. Every single guest I speak to is raving about the food.

A gorgeous diversity of of homegrown fruits, vegetables, herbs and other exquisite ingredients make their way into the kitchen and onto your plate. Organic, seasonal and local.

Real food with real flavour.

But La Granja embraces the Mediterranean diet not just as a culinary mode but as a lifestyle where community is key. Transforming the farm’s biodynamic bounty into slow food for the large communal table creates an ambience of wholeness and togetherness.

La Granja Ibiza's coolest boutique hotel
La Granja Ibiza's coolest boutique hotel

It’s all about connection.

You are very welcome to explore the surrounding farmland. Signed and labeled garden plots encourage open access for hotel guests, and you can learn about biodynamic agriculture through a series of workshops and classes.

La Granja Ibiza's coolest boutique hotel
La Granja Ibiza's coolest boutique hotel

The community

By now you probably get a sense that La Granja is more than just a place to crash - it’s an unequaled experience, offering a unique program of selected rituals to connect like-minded people, raise awareness and promote mindfulness.

From communal farming and slow-food workshops to guest lectures, sunset rituals, meditation and daily music sets. It’s everything that I love about living on this very special island with its very special residents.

Check beforehand if any of these are planned during your stay. Feel free to do it all, or none at all. Of course there are no rules.

Yoga in Ibiza

La Granja Ibiza boutique hotel private yoga

La Granja features a stunning yoga platform high up in the forest, just a few minutes away from the main house. It is unquestionably my favourite location to teach and share my practice.

Surrounded by pine trees, with spectacular views and in delicious silence, you can hear your fingers cutting through the air. It’s a completely different yoga experience to teaching in a studio. Moving body and mind feels like healing therapy. And this is not just me talking - each and every guest I have taught up here is literally radiating after our strong but mindful class.

If you’re not a hotel guest you can still experience the post-yoga glow by booking yoga & breakfast at La Granja. Needless to say, the breakfast is orgasmic. And so is the yoga.


Nestled in the middle of the island and protected by a private entrance, La Granja feels like a secluded haven far away from tourism. Yet you’re only a 10-minute drive away from my beloved village Santa Gertrudis. A taxi from the airport will take you to the hotel in less than 30 minutes.

Make sure you get directions before you arrive as there are no signposts to the gated estate. As I said in the beginning, it’s all very discreet.

For bookings and further info please visit

Love from Ibiza!

La Granja Ibiza's coolest boutique hotel
La Granja Ibiza's coolest boutique hotel
La Granja Ibiza's coolest boutique hotel