Inspiring books to read this Autumn

Inspiring books to read this autumn

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Ibiza Yoga Teachers share their favourite books for Autumn

It’s getting cozy in Ibiza. The days are shorter, the temperature cooler. Not long now, maybe in a few weeks, and I’ll have to put the fire on at night.

Although I’m struggling to let summer go, I’m also really looking forward to those mellow, restful evenings spent in my own comfort zone. After the intense summer heat everything is cooling down and getting slower - my brain, my business, my restlessness.

I find cloudy days extremely soothing. I’m craving roasted veggies, candles, long autumn walks, and quiet nights by the crackling fire.

Autumn retreat Ibiza

Looking in despair at my bookshelf, I just ordered five new books on Amazon to get me into autumn reading. And then I ran into my gorgeous friend and fellow yoga teacher Kate in Santa Gertrudis. We started chatting about the books we’re reading, and I shared my idea about this article. It’s been on my mind for a while.

Inspirational autumn reading

We are blessed on this island with so many inspiring yoga teachers - after all, Ibiza does attract a certain kind of character… I love being immersed in this conscious community who strives to dig deeper and goes beyond boundaries and limitations.

Each and every one of us comes from a different background. We all have different struggles, hopes and dreams. Good and bad lessons that had to be learnt. But as human beings, we have a lot more in common with each other than we think.

We are all searching for the same answers.

So on that note - what books nurtured, taught and enlightened us Ibiza yoga teachers who have chosen to escape the hamster wheel of life and settle on this very special island, despite all challenges along the way?

Sometimes a book is just really good entertainment and sheer escapism (nothing wrong with that - I love reading good fiction and even fairy tales to shut down my deranged brain).

Sometimes you discover insights that make you question your habitual ways of being. Even a cookbook can be a real revelation.

And sometimes you pick up a book that turns out to be LIFE-CHANGING.

Without my reading I would not be where I am today. You can learn so much from the wisdom of others who have walked the path before you, and who have somehow figured it out.

Philosophers, scientists and groundbreakers.

Inspiring autumn books -Stoicicm
Inspiring autumn books - Hermann Hesse Siddhartha
Inspiring autumn books -Seneca

It borders insanity not to make use of this wealth of knowledge, right? Considering that you can pick up a book for less than 10€ that an author has spent years researching.

I believe that growing as a human being is our life’s journey. It’s our job to evolve.

Let’s fire up that process a little.

When the seasons change and we’re hitting the homely months of autumn there’s a sense of transformation in the air. Time to retreat yourself, reflect and get inspired.

Inspiring books to read this autumn

After receiving the replies from fellow Ibiza yoga teachers (I’m still waiting for some…) my Amazon basket is filling up again. One book I bought already - thanks Anna McColl :)

Autumn reading, here we go!

Real Love by Sharon Salzberg

I love this book. It is simple, direct, truthful, intelligent. A book of wisdom. I believe that the art of teaching is related to the art of connection, to our ability to be present to ourselves and to others. This is why I find the book so valuable. It settles the landscape for a mindfulness approach in the frame of relationships. It goes deep into ethics (one of my favorite subjects) from the perspective of the buddhist spiritual teachings and draws honest lines about what love truly is (not the love of lovers, but the big love we can offer ourselves and every person we meet). It is not a self-help book. It is a book for inquiry, reflection and insight. A very accesible read full of pearls.

The artist's way book review

I just love The Artist’s Way - igniting the creative flame that lies dormant in too many of our “busy busy” souls. This 12 week, practical and compelling course guides you to reawaken your curiosity, confidence and natural inclination in order to open to imagination and creativity at every level. It stirs my heart into joyful explorations of life in its most vibrant, colourful and expressive colours. As our creative space is so deeply connected to our intuitive knowing, it expands my insights and my visions. A perfect read for entering into the longer nights of autumn time…

Inspiring books to read this autumn

This book was recommended to me by another yogi but it wasn’t until 6 months later that I finally read it, on a beautiful beach in Costa Rica. Surrounded by so much Shakti energy, I just knew it was meant to be at that moment. This book blew me away and sent shivers down my spine over and over again. The author tells the story about her womb trying to communicate with her but she never listened. For the first time my own journey of womb pain became clear. A journey into the divine feminine and womb wisdom that I had never understood before. The entire book is diffused with the most beautiful quotes and poems that will sing to your soul. For me this book has changed my life and my path as a teacher, as a women and as a cyclic being.

Inspiring books to read this autumn

Game changer - this book as been an amazing tool for me this year and can't help recommending it to everyone! Dr. Joe Dispenza perfectly bridges the gap between science and spirituality with clear, down to earth facts and guidance on how to apply concepts of quantum physics and neuroscience to your own life, so that you can change any aspect of your self/mind patterns to create a new and improved state and life. It’s a truly remarkable and eye-opening book.

Giulia Enders Gut review

I didn’t know that learning about bodily functions can be so funny and fascinating. The gut has such a big impact on our lives: On our energy levels, our mood, our health, and on our overall well-being. This book describes how our digestion works and what we can do to improve it. And so much more. This is a non-ficition book that you just don’t want to put aside.