Ibiza horse riding

Ibiza Horse Country Club was one of my best accidental discoveries when I arrived on the island 3 years ago. I had arranged to see some other stables nearby but I got the directions wrong, lost my way, and ended up with Vicente and Jade from Ibiza Horse Country Club near Santa Gertrudis.

Thank you universe!

Ibiza horse riding

What a heavenly and welcoming little paradise this place is. Riding here reminds me of being a kid again and going on wild and free pony camps. The mind lets go and you're instantly present.

Right here, right now.

And for me, there simply is no better place to be than on the back of a horse, riding through the North of Ibiza, just before sunset.

Vicente and his daughter Jade are the owners of the stables. They are true Ibicencos and possibly the nicest people I have met on Ibiza so far. Genuine, honest and absolutely crazy about horses.

The stables are personal, charming and a labour of love.

Ibiza horse riding

Ask Vicente about his stories from back in the days, growing up here and how he used to go out on his horse in his young(er) and wild(er) days before there were even asphalt roads in Santa Gertrudis. Meeting his friends for drinks at the infamous Bar Costa and trusting his horse to bring him back home safely (or not).

How much I wish I could have been here 30 years ago.

This place gets you daydreaming.

But for now back to the present... The horses are extremely well behaved and looked after, Vicente and Jade like happy horses with shiny hair and full bellies. Safety is huge and you will never be given a horse that isn’t suited to your capabilities.

You can either book a ride out or a lesson in the paddock. Occasionally I still take lessons but my dressage days are definitely over, now I’m more of a girl of leisure. I just love riding through the incredibly beautiful countryside that Ibiza has to offer, admiring colours, scents and the wind in my hair.

Ibiza horse riding

This for me this is flowstate, and the best remedy if I’m stuck in my head too much or stressed out. Yes, even yoga teachers living on Ibiza suffer from that, we're still part of the human race you know.

Ibiza horse riding

If you have children and would like them to experience the bliss of riding then look no further. Horse Country Club offers regular lessons for children, as well as a pretty amazing summer school during the holidays for our little island residents.

Vicente and Jade are always putting heart and soul into making this their best escapade ever. From camping onsite to bbq’s, explorations, craft lessons and much more. I mean really just any kid’s dream - and mine in fact. I’d love to join.

Whatever your horse related requests, give Vicente a call. He is one of the most connected people in this field and always goes out of his way to provide the best experience for you and your loved ones.

For a super special treat (and if you’re an experienced rider) I can highly recommend booking the full moon ride.

It’s mystical, exciting and Ibiza magic as good as it gets.

For further info please visit their Facebook page or call +34 616 533 691.

How to get there:

Ibiza horse riding
Ibiza horse riding

If you're driving from Santa Gertrudis towards Sant Miquel turn left at the last roundabout and then right again onto the side road towards Sant Miquel. About 3 kilometers in (I'm just guessing here) you will see the small sign leading you to the stables.

Enjoy the ride!

Horse riding Ibiza north