Ibiza meditation and yoga

There were countless days in my long history of "busy-ness" when I simply functioned on autopilot, not questioning my actions and bouncing from one thing to the next. Unsure about what exactly my destination was - for that day in particular and for my life in general. For sensitive souls like me this is more than just unsatisfying, it made me feel ill.

And then gradually yoga, meditation and various other mindfulness practices came to my rescue, resulting in a complete lifestyle shift. Not over night of course, I'm constantly refining and developing my skills further.

Living with meaning and intention is a lifetime journey.

It's a daily practice.

I realised how incredibly fulfilling every day can be if I can only find a little stillness within myself through movement, meditation and breath. Listening to my inner guide and creating a connection between my daily actions and my "deeper purpose" in life.

Unfortunately most people are stuck on autopilot, in their comfort zone, despite the fact that it's actually not a comfortable place to be in. Too many have no idea what their deeper purpose is, and many don’t even believe they have one.

I get it. It sounds so new-age, so corny, even I am close to rolling my eyes as I'm typing this. But if we can leave the new-age nonsense behind and look at the bigger picture of what it actually means to create a more meaningful life, I have one word of advice for you:

Listen within!

Ibiza meditation and yoga

The way that I found my deeper purpose (and it's evolving every day as it should do) is by listening to my heart. Or call it INSTINCT, if that sounds a little less cheesy.

I listen to what I feel most deeply, what moves me, what makes me feel shaky and a little scared,

but in awe of life.

To listen, I had to stop letting myself be distracted.

I had to create space to listen: shut off the Internet, social media and all devices, not watch TV, get away from everything else, stop comparing myself, connect with nature and my breath, especially during my morning routine and at night.

I had to create silence and stillness, so that listening was even possible.

Ibiza yoga and meditation

When you create this space, this silence, notice what you feel. It won’t be obvious at first and it might even be a little uncomfortable, but after listening for a while, you’ll notice what you yearn for.

What gives you joy, a sense of adventure, a sense of play. What creates pain and the ways you soothe that pain. What you are afraid of, what fills you with doubt, what makes you want to run.

It might also help to remember what you enjoyed as a child, in your purest state, before society, expectations and your own head got in the way.

Eventually you’ll get a hint from within. You won’t know what that means exactly, but you’ll have a direction, and you’ll start to explore. You’ll find a way to incorporate it into your life, little by little, if you let yourself do so. And after a while, if you keep listening, you’ll refine, listen some more and go deeper, until you get to its essence.

You’ll find your gift to offer to yourself and the world. And again, please don't roll your eyes. It doesn't need to be grand.

Surrender and share your gift.

During my private yoga and meditation classes with personalities from all walks of life (and you get a pretty eclectic range on Ibiza) people tend to become more focused and open up, shifting body and mind. I realized just how many are stuck in some sort of lingering dissatisfaction. 

So many feel they haven’t found their purpose but don’t even bother looking as this can be rather painful and scary. Change is scary by default. Or they have meaning and purpose in front of their eyes but don’t acknowledge it, and don’t connect to it.

Diving deep into mindfulness, self-compassion and love.

If your life feels like a record that is stuck then I have no doubt this can improve your life immensly. Mindfulness practices certainly had a huge impact on my life and wellbeing, and initiated the change that I longed for, but was afraid to take.

My Journey

Ibiza Yoga Teacher

My journey into mindfulness began 15 years ago in London, in a dark place in my life, not feeling fulfilled, not happy with who I was, feeling restless and tired and not knowing how to get out of this hole.

I started by just creating one change in my life:

I started yoga. 

That then initiated the snowball effect, one tiny step at a time - from the way that I nourished my body with food, to the way that I nourished my soul with books and new friendships.

Until eventually I changed my whole life. Not in a forceful way, but surrendering to the flow of life.

I stopped resisting change. 

After a while I gained the confidence to teach what I had learned along the way. I found that my gift was to share how I changed my body, my mind and ultimately my life, and help others do the same.

I offer the inspiration of my story, the usefulness of the details of my change (especially the dirty ones), and my compassion to others who are struggling in the same way.

Focus & Simplicity.

I realised that our yearning for a deeper meaning in life is universally human, that we're all in it together.

Whether through private yoga classes, sharing my meditation practice, or in-depth coaching, I am leading other people on a life-changing journey of greater simplicity and focus, purpose-filled work, and whole-hearted connection. 

I help people dive into uncertainty and discomfort with joy, instead of running from it, letting themselves be moved by their purpose. I help clients reconnect to a sense of wholeness, and let go of what causes them pain and struggle.

This is the magic of yoga and meditation. Of stillness and mindfulness. This is what I’m moved to do. My gift as I understand it.

Ibiza yoga and meditation

Create space for your purpose.