CAN LLUC Country Hotel & Villas

Where History meets sleek, modern Luxury

Can Lluc Ibiza country hotel

If your idea of the perfect Ibiza hideaway is a stylish, impeccable boutique hotel, embedded in nature and tradition, but

glowing with elegance and luxurious comforts,

then look no further.

Husband and wife team Tina Soriano and Lucas Prats invested heart, soul and sweat to turn this 200 year old finca into a pristine country hotel.

What used to be an operational family farm and the home of Lucas’ grandfather is now the perfect holiday cocoon near the lovely village of San Rafael and beautiful Santa Agnes, famous for its blossoming almond trees. Although you’re close enough to Ibiza town you actually feel miles away.

Set within acres of land surrounded by olive, carob and fig trees, this pristine little hotel translates family tradition into graceful luxury. As soon as you enter the front gate you can’t help but feel a sense of calm, peace and tranquility.

It’s like being in a safe little bubble, a lush garden of Eden, where nothing can touch you.

Ibiza almond blossoms

Birds singing around you and the most delicious wild fruit trees and vivid flowers colouring the surrounding countryside. Watching falling stars at night here is simply magnificent. Your mind gets quiet and any tension is a distant memory.

Welcome to Can Lluc!

Boutique Country Hotel and Villas

Maintaining the character and original features was a priority when Tina and Lucas embarked on the project nearly 20 years ago, transforming the family farm into an exceptional holiday destination for Ibiza lovers. Ask Lucas about his childhood memories on the farm, it’s mesmerizing to listen to.

You can still see the original stone walls and wooden roofs that have stood the test of time and offer a unique, authentic feel.

History and Ibicencan tradition radiating through the walls.

Many of the old ranch appliances and working tools are part of the decor, adding a sense of lost in time, but with the most tasteful and modern features.

Your Stay

Can Lluc has 20 beautiful rooms, ranging from doubles and superiors in the main building, to spacious and impressive villas, some of them with their own private garden.

Can Lluc Ibiza country hotel

While the rooms in the original finca are a delightful fairytale dream, the new villas are sleek, modern and utterly stylish. You get complete privacy as they are a little away from the main house, embedded in nature and with massive glass windows to bring in the natural light. There are no boundaries between the inside and the vivid nature outside, everything is flowing seamlessly together.

But no matter what your choice (or your budget), all rooms are simply beautiful. I completely fell in love with the suites in the original building, full of character and personality, but with all the refined luxuries we love so much. I just wanted to snuggle up and stay forever.

Can Lluc Ibiza country hotel

Needles to say that the tasteful elegance of the interior extends to the exterior grounds of this immaculate country hotel.

The setting is a dream.

Narrow stone pathways are leading you through to the colourful garden and the impressive pool area surrounded by balinese beds.

Everything is green and flourishing here. Sumptuous and profuse.

The wellness center offers a range of treatments, massages and yoga sessions. You have access to a perfectly equipped little gym, but if I may suggest, make most of the magnificent countryside and go for a hike. After yoga of course :)

There is a large and airy conference room for groups on business travel or if you’re coming for a yoga retreat. It's the perfect space for holding private meetings.

Fine Dining Ibiza Style

The restaurant offers stunning alfresco dining with a deluxe, delicious menu. Being an agroturismo set in nature of course you can expect only the finest, freshest ingredients. Spanish cuisine with sophistication, raffinesse and precision.

Love, passion and dedication to perfection.

While so many luxurious hotels are deprived of personality and charm, Can Lluc is an incredibly warm and welcoming family hotel.

There is no pretence or stiffness here. Tina, Luca and the team will greet you with big smiles and lively eyes. They make you feel like part of the family, providing a home from home and exceeding all your expectations.

Unforgettable Ibiza memories!

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Can Lluc Ibiza country hotel
Can Lluc Ibiza country hotel
Can Lluc Ibiza country hotel