Cala Boix Ibiza secret beaches nudist beach

Private Paradise

Welcome to
Ibiza's stunning eastern coastline!

Every single beach here is so different and has its very unique feel. Some rocky and rough, others soft and gentle.

Cala Boix, my absolute favourite on this side of the island, is distinguished by its dark, velvety sand and amazingly clear water. It's a small beach surrounded by cliffs and rocky mountains - you instantly feel a sense of seclusion and privacy.

However it is Ibiza, not exactly a secret island, and in July and August there simply is no escape.

I do always wonder though why people are lying stacked like sardines on the main beach, when right next to it is a small natural haven of delicious solitude and spaciousness. Am I missing something here?

I used to go to Cala Boix in the winter months quite a lot. The then closed beach cafe (open May to October) provides the perfect yoga platform for self-practice.

But the side beach of Cala Boix is the real gem. I only discovered it this August - in the height of summer, when Ibiza is packed and it seems impossible to find your freedom anywhere. Unless of course,

you follow me!

Just walk a little to the left, either on a small foot path or through the water, and you'll find an untouched beach without plastic sunbeds, without hideous music from different sources, and without lying on top of each other. Welcome to your own private paradise!

The water is crystal clear and pale.
The sand is dark and soft.
You can walk into the sea for miles.

It really is beautiful here. I have no idea why this beach remains mainly empty despite the fact that it is so easy to access. Obviously I’m the weird one who prefers space and privacy... But if you’re in my camp, you’ll love the secluded side of Cala Boix.

The few people that do enjoy this turquoise gem are chilled, quiet and easy. And mostly nude I should mention. So if you like skinny-dipping you’re more than welcome.

But please bring a sun umbrella, there is no shade. In July and August you will be frying.

If you get hungry from an overdose of vitamin sea there are three restaurants by the carpark of Cala Boix, all very popular with the locals, meaning good food!

La Noria, the one closest to the beach, serves an amazing seafood paella. You also get an incredible view as the restaurant is perched on the clifftop overlooking the sea, great for lunch or sunset dinner.

Ibiza secret beaches



Drive towards Sant Carles and follow the signs to Aguas Blancas, Es Figueral or Pou des Lleo. They all take you in the right direction. 
Eventually you'll see sign posts to Cala Boix. Car parking is available, but of course summer gets busy. After parking you walk down some steep stairs to get to the main beach.

From here turn left and either take the little footpath over the rocks or walk through the water.


Well, I love early morning swims but the sun doesn’t actually rise behind the cliffs before 10am (that was in August). The main beach starts getting busy after 11.00

Late afternoons and early evenings at Cala Boix are simply breathtaking. The setting sun throws magnificent light onto the water and it feels like you’re swimming in diamonds.

Go play and enjoy yourself!

Cala Boix Ibiza secret beaches nudist beach
Cala Boix Ibiza secret beaches