Your ultimate guide for SUGAR & SWEETENERS

All the names of sugar

Who would’ve thought, there are 75 different names for sugar and sugar substitutes…

December is probably not the time to write an article about sugar, especially not one day before Christmas Eve, but January is just around the corner. And after all those delicious christmas cookies, office parties, family gatherings and plenty of other opportunities to overindulge, it is not surprising that we feel a little… well, rough I should say.

So then come the New Year’s Resolutions - reclaiming your HEALTH, your GLOW, your VITALITY.

And on top of the list for most of us: cutting down on sugar.

Delicious, sweet but evil temptation!

All the names for sugar

It took a while for the message to sink through but finally we’re beginning to realise that sugar is behind the rising levels of all sorts of health issues:

Diabetes, candida, chronic inflammation (arthritis, etc.) and even cancer (cancer LOVES sugar) - just to name a few.

Nutritionists and doctors now recommend eliminating refined sugars entirely, and many people are going further by limiting consumption of all forms of added sugar, including the so-called healthy sugars (more on that later).

However, adopting a low sugar diet is not always as easy as it sounds, and food labeling is rather confusing. An ingredient label might contain no word of sugar, it might even claim that the product is healthy, but very often this is nothing but the food industry’s clever marketing...

Sugar masquerades under a variety of names:

Dextrose, fructose, fruit juice concentrates, glucose, cane juice, rice syrup, maltose - the long list goes on. Trying to figure out what percentage these sugars represent in a packaged food product is like Mission Impossible.

And sadly the health food industry isn’t that much better.

We trust that consuming organic snacks is a healthy alternative. Same with vegan or glutenfree products. Every year a new “healthy” sugar alternative is the latest hype and we go crazy for it. AGAVE NECTAR or AGAVE SYRUP, found in many health food recipes, is probably the best example.

However, this sweetener may be worse for your health than regular table sugar.

The difference between Glucose and Fructose

Healthy sugar alternatives?

GLUCOSE and FRUCTOSE have very different effects on the body. Glucose can be metabolized by nearly every cell in the body, while fructose is metabolized almost entirely in the liver. Studies have repeatedly demonstrated the harmful effects of high fructose consumption.

These include insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, high cholesterol, fatty liver and type 2 diabetes.

Although eating any extra sugar should be avoided, it is especially important to minimize your intake of added sugars that are high in FRUCTOSE.

Agave nectar is between 70 and 90 percent fructose.

Oops! So much to our “healthy” sugar alternative.

Healthy sugar alternatives?

Although the FDA has certainly acknowledged and tried to define the term “added sugars”, the government is leaving it up to us to be food detectives and learn all the countless names for sugar - and more importantly, how much of it we’re actually putting in our mouths.

Ideally we want to eat whole foods that are as close to their natural state as possible.

Just Eat Real Food, Baby!

Crispy sweet potato chips
Healthy roasted potatoes

I know for me it takes a few days of going cold-turkey and cutting out all forms of sugar (including fruit) until my sweet cravings have disappeared. And then it’s blissful, easy, happy sailing. No more fatigue, no more mood swings, no more knee pain, skin disorders, and other unexplainable, weird health issues.

But if you do decide to buy PACKAGED FOODS, be on the lookout for the many different names that sugar goes by.

Below you’ll find a list of all the names for sugar.

Some are obvious, while others might come as a surprise. I included artificial sweeteners as they offer no alternative. I think everyone got the message by now that they have a detrimental effect on the gut microbiome, which is THE indicator for a healthy (or not so healthy) body and mind.

All the names for sugar

Your ultimate guide for sugar & sweeteners

75 names for sugar & sugar substitutes:

  1. Acesulfame / Acesulfam-K

  2. Agave nectar

  3. Aspartame

  4. Barley malt

  5. Barley malt syrup

  6. Beet sugar / sugar beet molasses / sugar beet syrup

  7. Brown sugar

  8. Cane juice

  9. Cane sugar

  10. Caramel

  11. Carob syrup

  12. Castor sugar

  13. Coconut palm sugar

  14. Coconut sugar

  15. Corn sugar

  16. Corn sweetener

  17. Corn syrup

  18. Cyclamate

  19. Date sugar

  20. Date syrup

  21. Dehydrated cane juice

  22. Demerara sugar

  23. Dextrin

  24. Dextrose

  25. Diastatic malt

  26. Disaccharide lactose

  27. D-ribose

  28. Erythritol

  29. Ethyl maltol

  30. Fructose

  31. Fruit juice

  32. Fruit juice concentrate

  33. Galactose

  34. Glucose

  35. Glucose syrup

  36. Glukose-fructose syrup

  37. Grape sugar

  38. HFCS (high fructose corn syrup)

  39. Honey

  40. Icing sugar

  41. Invert sugar / Invert sugar syrup

  42. Isoglucose

  43. Isomalt (E 953)

  44. Lactose

  45. Malt extract

  46. Maltitol

  47. Maltodextrin

  48. Maltol

  49. Maltose

  50. Malt sugar

  51. Malt syrup

  52. Mannitol

  53. Mannose

  54. Maple syrup

  55. Molasses

  56. Muscovado

  57. Oligofructose / Oligofructan

  58. Palm sugar

  59. Panela sugar

  60. Polydextrose

  61. Raffinose

  62. Raw sugar

  63. Rice syrup / rice malt

  64. Saccharin

  65. Saccharose

  66. Sorbitol

  67. Sorghum Syrup

  68. Stevia / steviol glycoside

  69. Sucralose

  70. Sucrose

  71. Sweet Sorghum

  72. Turbinado sugar

  73. Xylit / Xylitol

  74. Yaconpulver

  75. Yacon syrup

I know, it’s a long list…

But just being mindful and actually reading the ingredients can make a HUGE difference to your overall well-being.

All the names for sugar

You only have one body.
Humans are designed to eat real, human food.

Nourish yourself!

Savoury quinoa breakfast bowl with egg
Healthy dessert: Full-fat goat yoghurt with blueberries
Beetroot and sweet potato crisps